Unfold and Go with a Blix Vika Travel!

March 07, 2019 3 Comments

Unfold and Go with a Blix Vika Travel!

Spring is only two weeks away! This means better weather, blooming flowers, and more outdoor activities! Whether you are planning a spring break adventure, looking to increase your outdoor exercise, or "spring clean" your lifestyle, the Blix Vika Travel is ready to unfold and go! Below, we discuss the perks of the Vika Travel and highlight the five steps required to unfold your Vika Travel Folding Electric Bike and start riding! 


Vika Travel Perks:

  • Compact when folded: fits perfectly in the trunk of your car, RV, or boat!
  • Weighs 38 lbs: super lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has pedal assist and a throttle: four levels of pedal assist and a throttle to use on demand with a 250W front hub motor to boost riders and help them conquer hills and ride farther
  • Easy to fold/unfold: fold or unfold your Vika Travel in a matter of minutes
  • Adjustable: with easy latch systems, adjust your seat height and handlebars to fit your size
  • Fun: the Vika Travel has a scooter-like feel, reaches 17 mph, and has a 30 mile range

In addition to all of these perks, it only takes five steps to unfold your Vika Travel and head out on your adventure, complete your exercise, or commute!

5 Steps to Unfold and Go:

  1. Pull the front and rear halves of the Vika Travel apart so that the frame becomes straight and the connecting latch lines up
  2. Close the latch on the center of the frame
  3. Pull the handlebars upright and tighten the latch until they no longer move
  4. Unfold the pedals
  5. Turn on the battery and display 

After completing these five simple steps, you are ready to ride! If you want to see how to fold and unfold, watch the video below!



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The Vika Travel was listed as a top ranking folding ebike! 


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3 Responses


April 01, 2019

I would LOVE an e-assist bike. I’ve always loved bike riding but at my age it’s just gotten harder to pedal over small slopes etc. This sounds like a God sent!

Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen

March 21, 2019

I can’t tell you how much this would help me with mobility. Hopefully this goes to someone who really needs it.

Bonnie Fletcher
Bonnie Fletcher

March 21, 2019

This is AMAZING..This would help me get around daily!!

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