Top 5 reasons to own an electric bike!

June 23, 2016

Top 5 reasons to own an electric bike!

Top 5 reasons to own an electric bike!

Often people ask us what benefits an electric bike actually has because to many active bike lovers out there, riding an electric bicycle is seen as "cheating" or simply being lazy. After going for a test ride, all doubts are usually gone! Riding an electric bicycle is combines lighter exercise with commuting as well as helps people of all capabilities get on back on a bike. Here are a some of the absolute best reasons for considering investing in an electric bike:

Everyday is a good day!

Electric bikes can be fun and awesome for many reasons, but the absolute main advantage of an electric bicycle compared to a regular bike is that it tears down all the barriers and downsides of regular cycling. 

Knowing that you have that extra power whenever you want to is a comfortable feeling on those days when you don’t really want to move your legs to much for whatever reason there is that day.

Do it your way.

You know it, it’s time to get off the hamster wheel – and an electric bicycle is your way to freedom. I’m talking about freedom to choose your way of living, whether it's being able to move freely without a physical limitation, not being stuck in hourly long traffic jams, not ruining your Zen with uncontrollable road rage, and not spending 30 minutes every morning just to park the car somewhat close to work.

An electric bicycle lowers the gap between your car commute and bicycle commute, it finds a sweet spot where you actually get the best of both worlds – the flexibility and freedom to move around when and where you want without struggling with distance and hills.

 No sweaty shirts!

It may sound like a detail, but arriving sweaty to the office is one of the main reasons for why most people turn down biking to work! With an electric assisted bicycle, that problem is finally solved. No sweaty arm pits is no longer standing in the way for saving our cities and climate!

 Super time efficient!

Riding an electric bike is really an amazing feeling, it’s amazing because you move so quickly. I’m not talking top speed only (not all places or riders want to go 20+ mph with a bike), but you get started faster after all those red lights, you go faster up any hill. Add the no-traffic-no-parking-issue to the equation and your short-trip commute will be cut in half compared to your traditional car ride.

 Live healthy, live long.

Riding an electric bike instead of driving a car gives you a more active and healthier lifestyle. But here's the thing, you might actually be even better of health wise than compared to riding a regular bike that requires your full effort at all times. How is that possible? The answer is that you simply end up riding your bike way more often that you used to. It turns out that people riding an electric bicycle end up biking 2-3 times more than what they do with a regular bike! It gets you hooked, making you wanna bike more, and more… and more. 

There are also numerous of other astonishing health benefits of biking in general, make sure to check out our blog post of the "hidden benefits of biking"!


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