February 09, 2017

As the winter rolls on, and the short days keep coming, it can be hard to sustain your energy and a positive attitude. Here are a few tips for adjustments and practices you can make to help yourself power through to springtime.  

Soak up some Vitamin D
Lunchtime walks and bike commuting! If you find it difficult to sneak in the vitamin D during the winter months, consider soaking up the sun by commuting by bike or taking lunchtime bike rides. It is a quick and easy fix to filling up on Vitamin D that will instantly have you bouncing back.

Get enough Sleep
Prioritize your sleep and instantly feel refreshed. Getting 6 or fewer hours of sleep a night, (just for a week) have been proven to have negative impacts on your immune system. Long-term periods of suboptimal sleep have shown a strong correlation with serious health concern such as obesity and depression. Consistently getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night is one small adjustment you can make to see a big improvement in your health. 

Reel back the coffee

Do you love your 5 cups of coffee a day but have a feeling they might not love you back? Coffee can serve a much-needed energy jolt, yet prolonged overuse can lead to undesirable effects. Adrenal Fatigue is perhaps the most relevant to the topic of low energy. As the hormone regulator of your organs, when your adrenals are drained, you feel drained. How can you tell if you are consuming too much caffeine? One simple way to find out is if you have withdrawal symptoms when you halt consumption. 

Stretch is out to avoid feeling stressed out
When practiced regularly, yoga is a potent self-care activity that can deepen your sense of well-being and soothe the mind. In a study done in Germany, yoga was proven to show improvements in depression, energy, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and general well-being. The study reported that participants experienced positive effects after just one month of two weekly classes. Not a big commitment for some wonderful effects! 

Stay in Rythm 
One of the challenges people have to adjust to the winter is adjusting to the new pattern. Instead of fighting the winter light, try to get in rhythm with it. It is natural for your body to want to go to bed with the sun and rise with the sun. Allowing yourself to go with this as well as practicing self-care rituals such as indulging in baths and taking care of your skin will have you feeling revitalized and ready to sustain yourself through the winter months. 

Stay Hydrated!
As with any health related goal: hydration is key! This one can be particularly tricky in the winter months because you don't always feel dehydrated as you would in the winter months

Get some exercise!
Getting your heart rate up at least once a day is vital for keeping depression, and diseases at bay. The link between exercise and mental/ physical health has been proven again and again. Keeping oxygen pumping to your brain, as well as helping your cells continue to generate healthy cells is all fueled by sweating it out.

Be social
Surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones is crucial to feeling connected and supported when the days grow shorter. Giving yourself time to spend with close ones is vital to maintaining a healthy state of mind. 

Roll it out 

Don't have the time for a massage? Try using a foam roller to get the same effects! Tension and stress are stored in our muscles, so it's crucial for maintaining health to exercise and properly restore our bodies.

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