A Quick and Easy Guide to Eat for a Lower Carbon Footprint

Converting to bike commuting does huge numbers for your carbon footprint. However, you might not realize that the food choices you are making have an equally large imprint on your environmental impact. Take a look out our simple yet effective guidelines for eating more sustainably! 

Buy Local

Local Always Wins- Local fruit beats tropical fruit. Bananas being a slight exception due to their slightly longer shelf life they are able to be shipped rather than flown. However, the local seasonal fruit will have the lowest carbon footprint and help the local economy.

Eat Seasonal

Choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables at the store means avoiding hothouses and air-conditioned trucks and transportation. When produce is not in season in the US, it is shipped from other parts of the world. By following a seasonally based diet you will not only help your body adjust to the seasons more easily, but you will be reducing the transportation distance.

Choose Real Food

Processed food will always have a higher carbon footprint than unprocessed. While tofu is a better option than beef or meat, nothing will beat vegetables. Produce requires less packaging than most canned or boxed food that will need to be disposed of.

Buy Less Animal Products (if its Industrial Farmed)

The carbon footprint of a meat eater's diet is double that of vegetarians. Cows, sheep, lambs are ruminants, which emit high levels of methane- a powerful greenhouse gas, eating them and their products means you are taking on their high carbon footprint

Buy Less Food

The amount consumers throw out is one of the main reasons our food intake has such a large carbon footprint. Beyond the raising of livestock for our consumption, the things we buy in the store, their packaging and then their waste- has a huge impact. Most people in the US will do a large trip to the grocery store once a week. This is the way most of us end up throwing away food that has gone bad or was never eaten. Fun Fact: Reducing the amount of food you buy so that you will eat everything you buy could be just as effective as going vegan.


The Take-Away: Eat Local, Buy Season and Eat What You Buy. 


For those still looking to quench their curiosity, you can take a quiz to see how well you know the green-ness of your food choices.

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