A quick guide to dusting off your trusty ride.

Warm weather is coming back, and it’s prime time to ride!
That trusty bike may have become a bit of a rusty bike while it’s been sitting in the garage all winter, so it’s time to dust it off and get it ready to ride smoothly and safely.

Dust it Off Wipe the bike down with a rag to make it look great. If it’s really grimy, a small amount of dish soap and water goes a long way, then dry it with a rag. If you like your bike spotless, bike specific cleaners and brushes are available at your local bike shop. Avoid cleaning your bike with a hose, and if you do make sure never to use high pressure and avoid spraying directly at any area with bearings or electric components.

If you are dusting off your electric bike, now is a good time to give that battery a full charge. Batteries keep their capacity best if they are fully charged at least every few months.

Pump Up Your Tires Your tires are probably squishy after sitting for a long time, so make sure you pump them up to within the range of pressure indicated on the side of the tire (40-80 psi for most Blix bikes). A quality floor pump is the best tool for the job.

Check your Chain Next, you’ll want to lubricate the chain. Wipe it down with a rag first (if there is significant buildup on it, you may want to use some degreaser)  then apply some bike specific chain lubricant. Tri-Flow works well, especially on a rusty chain, or any bike chain lubricant from your bike shop. Do not use regular WD-40 as it damages chains. Apply the lubricant lightly, once or twice around the chain, then backpedal to let the lubricant soak into the chain. Finally, wipe excess lubricant off the outside of the chain.

The Brakes and Shifters Check that your brakes and shifters work well, and use a metric Allen wrench set to make sure bolts are tights. If anything seems off, consider calling your local bike shop to schedule a tune-up. 

Now just grab your helmet and bike lock, and you’re ready to go ride in the sunshine!

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