June 22, 2016

It’s easy to understand how you can physically benefit from biking, but you also receive more mental benefits that you probably realize.  There are numerous ways in which biking improves your cognitive function, however there are also hormonal and immunity improvements you can experience from pushing pedals for as little as 20 minutes three times a week.

Your brain gets a mental boost from biking in large because of the complexity that riding requires.  For instance, the usage of the Hippocampus you receive when you bike. Your Hippocampus is the home of all memories, so as you bike it’s size quite literally increases. This boost your ability to recall moments from the past much easier. This all happens while you are outdoors, so if you add on the benefits of spending time outdoors (ease of depression, improved immunity, healing faster, etc.) cycling proves to be a preventative health measure as well as a brain exercise.

Concentration, memory and sharpness are all areas in which your brain shows signs of improvement from biking. Because of the balance and strength required in combination with the need for quick decision making your concentration, sharpness and memory are all getting a serious work out, just like your muscles.

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