July 22, 2016

Climate change can be an intimidating topic. The longer we continue to live in a post industrial world without making significant changes, the faster we move towards experiencing this life 10-12 degrees hotter. In this TED Talk, Alice Bows-Larkin discusses the reality of climate change and where we are headed if nations, wealthy nations, don't start demanding an economic shift considerate of a 10% decrease in their carbon foot prints. Her solution: focusing on energy efficiency now, such as sustainable transportation, in order to help avoid bigger repercussions in the long run.
There are a few free resources available online to help you find out what your carbon footprint is.
Household Calculators:
The Nature Conservancy 
Business Calculators:
Carbon Footprint
For Children:
Zero Footprint Kids Calculator
If you need help coming up with a few ideas about how to reduce your footprint, we have a few over here

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