May 26, 2017

You probably don't need us to tell you all the ways traffic can bring you down. But in case you haven't had a 20 minute commute turn into a 2 hour commute lately, here's a little refresher about why car commute is not as choice as bike commute: 

It's bad for your body By tacking on the time you spend driving in your car to the time you spend sitting at your desk you are making a healthy lifestyle less achievable. It's not just about weight gain however, there are studies showing that a commute that is longer than 10 miles is correlated with rising Blood Sugar. In the same study they found that commutes longer than 10 miles are also related to high cholesterol. Neither of these are good look for your heart. While most commutes over 10 miles might feel unachievable by bike, they are certainly realistic with electric bikes! 

Your mind doesn't really like it either Studies have shown sitting in traffic can increase your anxiety and deepen depression. Instances in which participants commuted more than half an hour for their work had significantly higher levels of stress and anxiety. Where as those who had little to no car commute, reported nearly none when they arrive to their destination. 

And neither do your relationships For the folks in committed relationships, longer commute times are proven to have a negative affect on family life. While a higher pay might seem worth the sacrifice at first, it certainly comes at the cost of your relationship. Even further than that, it can affect your length of life. A study that Harvard did over the course of 75 years, it was found that the people with the most meaningful and healthy relationships lived the longest. So do you and your loved ones a favor and switching to an electric bike! 



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