April 13, 2017

And now for a brief interruption of your regular programming: A look into the mind of an e-bike commuter. 

Make coffee.

Make Breakfast.

Wolf it all down.

Brush your teeth.

Make more coffee, there’s time, right?

Check that the e-bike is charged. Whew.

The bag’s packed. Wait, the laptop charger! And snacks. Always snacks.

It’s all good, I’ve got plenty of time.

Did I pump my tires up? Not in a week?! Better pump them up.

It’s drizzling now!? Where’s my jacket?

Oh no, now it’s getting close!!!

I jump on my e-bike and off I go. Good thing I have fenders, look at the skunk stripe on that rider there!

Dang, I’m tired, better use the maximum assist on those hills.

Gridlock gridlock everywhere. Have fun sitting still! Oh, I think I just passed Bob from work...he’lll be late with that traffic. Good thing I rode in today.

Whoa, better take the lane, people always take that next right turn without signaling! Yep, look at that guy cutting right across the bike lane. It’s so much safer taking the lane when this motor helps me keep up with traffic.

Here I am. The parking lot’s packed! That bike rack right by the door is empty, lucky me.

Well, that was a nice little bit of cardio, I’m feeling ready to tackle mountains of work...mostly I can’t wait for the ride home.


Written by Blix's Andrea Kopp

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