Riding an e-bike to work puts a positive spin on your whole day. The bottom line is car commuting has negative impacts on your whole life. Whether it's health, time, or stress riding an electric bike for your commute will positively improve your daily experience. 

Give yourself extra time and soak in the ride.

There is a lot of scientific research that supports the fact that riding an electric bike to work is going to improve your mood and increase your productivity at work. How is this? Biking has a meditative like effects that prime your brain for optimal focus. Struggle with time in the morning? Consider this: with the time it takes to park and walk to your office building, biking can take just as long. Plan ahead, and get your gear ready the night before so you're less stressed before heading out. Then- breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the ride. 


Go Electric and Sweat-Free

Worried about sweat? There's certainly ways around that. For starters, switch to an electric bike and get some panniers for your frame. That way you reduce your chances of working up a sweat and trapping hit on your back from a backpack. However, it still might be more comfortable for some to bring a change of clothes for once you arrive at the office. 

Get in a good mental state

Electric biking is proven to put you in a positive mental state. Similar to yoga, biking can have a meditative like effect on your mental state. Additionally, aerobic exercise creates endorphins and primes your brain so that you arrive at work feeling energized and ready to focus.

Be Friendly

One of the fantastic benefits of biking is the community! Most bike commuters will agree- one of the best parts is how cordial the riders you meet along the way are. Smile to fellow bikers and even strike up a conversation if it seems appropriate. It will help the ride feel even more fun.

Get in Exercise


If you know you're about to head to work for sit for 8 hours, doing your body the favor of stretching out and working it up can get back triple fold
The benefits of electric biking to work can be felt triple fold. Plus, electric bike owners are twice as likely to pedal to work than regular bike owners. If this is your point of struggle and you know you're headed to the office to sit for 8 hours do yourself a favor and e-bike to work, you won't regret it.

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