How to Get Involved in Bicycle Advocacy

October 12, 2017

How to Get Involved in Bicycle Advocacy

Riding your bike around can inspire you to become aware and active in creating safe riding spaces for your community. Fortunately, involving yourself in Bicycle Advocacy can be as simple as donating to a national association or as consuming as volunteering for a local bicycle coalition weekly. Either way, what matters most is showing up for your local community in one way or another and helping national causes.

Know the Players

The Bicycle League- Taken from their website “The League has been protecting your rights to safe and enjoyable bicycling since 1880. What started as a movement by “Wheelmen” on high-wheel bikes to get roads paved continues today with our advocacy on the federal level. It doesn’t stop there: We provide valuable education programs, help create better biking environments, promote bicycling as the option of choice and help you create bicycle-friendly places.”

People For Bikes Coalition aims to connect the community of bicycle riders across the US in order to raise awareness about advocacy efforts. Based in San Francisco, they work hard to create local hubs across the country to encourage the growth of the Bicycle community.

Local Bicycle Coalitions Major cities and most small cities and towns have some sort of bicycle advocacy group that you can connect with. By showing up to their events and participating you are helping foster a growing community.

Know What You Can Do

Focus on Your Local ResourcesMany towns will have local advocacy groups for cyclists focusing on sustainable transportation and bicycling safety. Support their efforts by making donations, participating in events, and sharing their message on social media and in person. 

Donate to National Causes If you don’t have time to get into action, help fund people who do. Voting with your dollar is one of the best ways that you can support the causes you feel strongly about.  

Petition CongressPeople for bikes has made itvery easy to send your congressmen or women a letter advocating for bicycle safety.

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