September 23, 2016


In lieu of the recent surge in inquiries about changing the display settings, we have created a How-To guide for you. The following post will hopefully help you in changing the backlight settings and the distance measurements.

If you are looking for information on how to reset your trip meter, please follow the directions found over here. 

To begin, you'll first need to access the settings menu on your display. To do so simply press down on both of the bottom buttons like so:

When the display reads "tr-n", you are in the right place.

This is the trip reset. To continue on to the backlight press the top button. Once in the backlight menu settings, scroll through the brightness options using the bottom two buttons. Once you have found a level of brightness that suits you, press the top button to continue on.

The last settings you will have is the distance measurement, miles or kilometers. Similar to the other settings, use the bottom two buttons to select either miles or kilometers.

When you have made your desired settings for your Blix, press and hold the top button once again to return to the regular display. 


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