November 18, 2016


What’s the point of electric assist?

The idea of using electric power for a bicycle is to make it easier to get around by bike, and eliminate many of the downsides of cycling. These downsides are frequently the reason why many people will choose to take a car over a bike. Here are a few of those:

  • You arrive sweaty
  • Distance is too long
  • Too many hills
  • Aching muscles or ligaments
  • Bringing things with you makes it too heavy to pedal

A Blix electric bike solves all of the above problems, and makes the bike the best option to get around in many cases. Here’s how it works:


Components of the electric assist system:

The electric assist system is composed of 3 main components:

  • The motor – placed in the wheel hub or in the crank depending model
  • The battery – placed on the frame below the seat
  • The display – placed on the handlebar. The display let’s you control every aspect of how you want the electric power to assist you. Besides these 3 components, the bike works just like a regular bicycle!


So, how does the electric assist work?

Ebikes provide assist 2 ways: pedal assist and throttle.

All Blix bikes have pedal assist. This means that when you pedal, the motor is automatically activated and will give you an appropriate amount of power depending on your pedaling.

All Blix models powered by the Spin Tech™ system also have a throttle. The throttle lets you go up to 20mph without pedaling at all.


The Pedal Assist System (PAS)

Blix’s Spin Tech™ system has 4 power levels of electric assist. A higher assist level enables the motor to assist you at higher speeds - level 4 can take you up to 20 mph depending on bike model. The amount of power assist is automatically provided based on which gear you’re using: A lower gear gives higher pedaling speed and more assist. So when going uphill, switch to a lower gear and enjoy!

The Shimano Steps system has 3 levels of assist, and measures both your pedaling speed and torque to give you smooth level of assist at all times. The electric motor can assist you up to 20mph, and cuts out if you pedal faster than that.


The Throttle

All models with the Spin Tech™ system have a throttle. If you don’t want to pedal at all, you can use the throttle to receive electric assistance up to 20 mph as long as the controller panel is turned on. The more you push the throttle forward, the faster you go.

To turn the pedal assist off but keeping the throttle function on, switch to pedal assist 0.

While using the throttle is an amazing function (especially when stopping and starting at red lights), the throttle function will cause the battery to run out faster than when using pedal assist.


The Display

The display shows riding info such as current speed, distance traveled, time traveled and average speed on your commute. From the display, you also control the integrated front & rear LED lights, which are powered directly by the battery. Cycling has never been easier or more fun!

Here are some of the functions you can see on the display:



  • Speed
  • Power level
  • Battery life
  • Trip distance & time
  • LED lights
  • Odometer


Blix models using the Spin Tech™ system: Vika+, Vika Travel, Aveny, Komfort+, Stockholm

Blix models using the Shimano Steps system: Komfort Prima


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