February 23, 2017

Cycling can do a lot for you: it can keep your heart healthy, it can connect you to a new community, it gets you outside and in (mostly) fresh air.  It also happens to do a few more  things that are all key ingredients for a happy mind:

It's Aerobic 

In a recent study done on clinically depressed participants, aerobic exercise such as cycling was shown to increase their mood levels to a more positive state. The amount of time required for participants to exercise was only 30 minutes. Which is a considerably short period of time for some really wonderful benefits. 

It gives you all the happy Chemicals

There are two chemicals in your brain that get a major boost from a good e-bike ride and you've probably heard of them before.

-Serotonin: While we exercise, this mood stabilizing neurotransmitter is released. Depleted levels of serotonin can lead to depressive moods, so giving yourself a boost is crucial for staying happy. 

- Dopamine: As the "Pleasure" chemical. It's around for all those moments when you feel really good such as when you're in love, or after a really great bike ride. 

It's Connects you to a Community 

The relationships that surround you play a huge part in your mental health. Feeling connected to a strong support system is key to navigating your way out of depression. Taking a bike ride with friends, or even striking up a conversation with new people about e-bikes can be a huge determining factor in your sense of well-being. 

It encourages savoring

 Savoring is the use of thoughts and actions to increase the intensity, duration, and appreciation of a positive experience. When you're riding a bike on a beautiful day, your ability to appreciate your surroundings and the experience are so much higher than when you are driving in a car. The act of Savouring is a psychological tool that we as humans often perform when we are experiencing gratitude. They pretty much go hand in hand. Go for a bike ride, feel the gratitude, feel happy.  

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