Electrek Review: Aveny High-Step

October 02, 2018

Electrek Review: Aveny High-Step

Micah Toll from Electrek took our Blix Aveny High-Step out for a test ride and was immediately drawn to the style, ride, and price point of our e-bike! According to Electrek, the “whole bike (Aveny High-Step) just has a crisp, classy feel.” Cruising through town, the Blix Aveny, compared to all the other e-bikes he rides, got the "most attention by far from passersby”.

The comfortable and relaxed ride of the Aveny allows people to easily get from one place to the other, whether it is to commute, pick up groceries, or go for an afternoon ride to burn some calories! Micah couldn’t believe how “easily it powered [him] up and over hills without a problem and rocketed [him] to 20 mph on flat ground.”

Another great benefit of the Blix Aveny High-Step is the functional front basket and rear-rack! As Electrek says, it makes our e-bike “perfect for leisurely trips” as well as increases the functionality of the Blix Aveny with its ability to hold a briefcase, grocery bags, or even a refreshing soda pop.

Mixing simplistic beauty with great functionality gives the Blix Aveny High-Step an edge over other similar e-bikes. While price point may be a concern for customers, Micah argues that it is “going to be hard to find an electric bike that is better suited for less money.”  More importantly, Micah couldn’t help but feel “like a bicycle model during his test rides, probably part of the reason he gave the Blix Aveny such a great review!  

Thanks to Micah Toll for taking a ride on a Blix! 

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