Riding in San Francisco can be tricky to navigate. With the weather constantly shifting, the increasing number of cars on the street, and the hills it can be intimidating to get around by bike. Yet, there are a few tricks that the cyclists of SF keep up their sleeves to get through the day. One of the oldest? The Wiggle! 
The Wiggle is a mile long bike route from Market street to Golden Gate Park that avoids as much of an incline as possible. With street signs to lead the way, riders navigate through hayes valley to get to the panhandle of the SF leading them to the other side of the city.
Below are the written descriptions for the must know route:
  1. Take Market outbound.

  2. Right on Duboce Street bikeway. There's a big bike mural here behind the Safeway.

  3. Right on Steiner.

  4. Left on Waller.

  5. Right on Pierce.

  6. Left on Haight.

  7. Right on Scott.

  8. Left on Fell.

  9. You'll be on the Panhandle Path now. It's easy riding westward from here!

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