Cost Comparison: Cars vs. Bikes

June 22, 2017

While cars are the most popular form of transportation, it doesn’t make them best form of transportation. Heavy traffic, lack of parking spaces, high pollution, fuel/maintenance costs and lack of exercise of drivers are all negative effects of cars.

Electric bikes provide an alternative to cars, especially in highly congested urban areas, or simply to run an errand. An estimated 33 percent of each person’s vehicle miles were shopping or running errands, according to
the EPA. Plus, 60 percent of all car trips are
5 miles or less and 50 percent of all trips
are 3 miles or less.

We put together a cost comparison of yearly bicycle expenses versus yearly car expenses. While switching to a standard bike is not a feasible substitute for a car for many people, ebikes can make this switch easy and realistic! Our biggest shock is that the average car owner spends $3,164 a year of gas and maintenance yet most car trips are under 5 miles! 

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