Blix Bike Holiday Gift Guide 2018

November 21, 2018

Blix Bike Holiday Gift Guide 2018

As we head into another holiday season it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for friends, family, and significant others. With sustainability and fitness on almost everyone's mind nowadays, here at Blix Bike we thought we would share our favorite holiday gift ideas for the ebike enthusiast, parents wanting to get back in shape, the commuter who is tired of driving, and the young adult looking for adventure. 

 Gift them a Blix Bike!

Whether it is for an aging parent who wants to stay active, but struggles with physical limitations or a significant other looking for an alternate form of transportation that is also fun, there is a Blix Bike model waiting to be taken out for a ride this holiday.

Currently we are offering deals on three Blix Bike models:

1. Vika Travel: Free Carrying Bag with Bike purchase

Recently, ranked the Vika Travel as one of the 10 best folding e-bikes for the everyday rider because of its quality design, price point, and light-weight! 

2. Prima High Step: $200 off

The Prima High-Step is a great option for the avid commuter or someone looking for a smooth, mid-drive motor ride that feels like you're riding a traditional bike, but faster and with some much appreciated assistance up those hills or around town!

3. Prima Step-Through: Free Limited Edition Basket with purchase

The Prima Step-Through is perfect for someone who wants or needs a low frame that makes getting on and off the bike much easier! With the same motor as the Prima High-Step, this bike has a lot of power and offers a seemingly effortless ride.

Looking for a cruiser instead? Check out the Kelly's Thoughts on Things Holiday Gift Guide as well as Electric Bike Reports recent review of the Blix Sol! The Sol Electric Cruiser makes every ride feel like you are cruising along the coast on a summer day (even when it is winter) because of its comfortable rider position and low-step frame design!

Still not sure if these are the models you want? RV LOVEranked the Vika+ as one of the 21 best gifts to give this year for Rvers, Travelers, and adventurers! Check out their gift guide for a $100 discount! 

After choosing the perfect bike for your loved one, you might just have to get one for yourself too! Luckily, we offer a RideTogether discount which means if you purchase any two bikes (except the ones listed for the Black Friday Sales) you will get $200 off your purchase! 

When You Just Can't Decide....

Sometimes choosing a gift for someone, especially a bike can be so hard because you don't know what type, color, or frame design they want! If you just can't seem to decide what to get for your loved one, an electronic Blix Bike gift card may be the perfect choice! These gift cards range from $50 to $1,000 as well as give you the option to choose a Blix Bike which automatically puts enough money on the gift card for the person to choose their own color!

Wanting to have something to wrap under the tree? Bundle the gift card with some Blix Bike merchandise like a cool new hat or a coffee tumbler! 


The best part of Blix Bikes is your ability to accessorize them! Maybe your loved one is struggling to fit everything they need in a backpack and could use a Blix Basket. Or maybe they always forget to charge their battery before work and would find an extra charger beneficial! Between an extended battery, baskets, fenders, rear racks, coffee tumblers, and carrying bags, their are so many great options for accessory bundles that will make their Blix Bike even more useful, stylish, and ready for any and every adventure!

Here are some Blix Bike recommended accessory bundles:
1. A Fender, basket, Rear Rack accessory kit!
2. A Vika Carrying bag and an extra Charger!
3. An Extended Battery and an extra Charger!
4. A Blix Bike Basket and Blix Coffee Tumbler!
Happy Holidays from the Blix Team! 
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