Essential Home Tools:

When you start to build your Bike tool kit at home there are few good essentials you’ll want to start with. Below are the must haves for every reliable home kit. 

A Floor Pump

Ideally, you'll have a good gauge to inflate your tires with on a regular basis. About 2-4 times a month.

Pumps we like:

Chain lube (and a rag) for monthly chain cleaning

Good Products to try out : 

Metric Allen Wrench triple

This is for checking bolt tightness and minor adjustments.

We Like:

Flat repair

Getting a flat on your bike is nothing to fear, you always have the option of taking it into one of our dealers (link) for the maintenance. In order to change a tire yourself, you will need a few things:

  • A tube for your tire size and a bicycle patch kit from your local bike shop.

For Blix Spintech Bikes you'll also need a 18mm box wrench (from your local hardware store) for rear wheels.

Optional Home Tools

Bike Stand to make cleaning and service easier:

 This one and this one are both solid options. 

Bike cleaner - Keep your blix Sparkly!

Try out: 

There are many more tools if you want to get into the nitty-gritty (and yes it can get gritty), a starter tool set from Park or Perdro’s is a good place to start. Ask your local shop or research the specific task you want to accomplish to make sure you get the right tools. For warranty and electric component work, make sure you contact your local Blix dealer first!


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