All About the Prima Perks

December 12, 2018

Blix Prima Electric Bike

The Blix Prima is one of a kind compared to the other Blix models due to its motor system, brakes, and riding experience. Many people are unaware of the benefits of a mid-drive motor system and hydraulic brakes on an electric bike! 

Prima At-A-Glance

  • Mid-drive motor
  • 60 mile range, no upgrade needed 
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • 9-speed 
  • Comfortable seat and frame providing upright fit
  • Available in a step-through and classic step-over frame
Why a Mid-Drive Motor?
  • Great for steep hills
  • Makes the bike battery twice as efficient as the battery on a rear-hub, no need to upgrade!
  • Smaller and lighter than a rear-hub motor
  • Changing a tire is easier as the rear tire doesn't have any special mechanical parts

Unlike a rear-hub motor, a mid-drive motor is located in the crank instead of the rear wheel. This centralized placement of the motor creates a better weight distribution on the bike helping riders to feel balanced while pedaling. Moreover, mid-drive motors allow riders to take full advantage of the gears since the motor is directly connected to the crank. This means the Blix Prima performs better on steep hills as riders will be able to pedal efficiently without overexerting themselves to make it to the top of the hills.

Not only does it increase the efficiency of the rider's energy, a mid-drive motor makes the bike battery twice as efficient as the battery on a rear-hub motor electric bike. Riders will be able to climb hills easier and reduce the toll it takes on their battery charge leading to farther rides and less frustration caused by needing the charge the battery as frequently as a rear-hub motor. The mid-drive motor is also smaller and lighter compared to a rear-hub motor which alternately reduces the weight of the ebike.  

Regarding motor maintenance, the mid-drive motor on the Blix Prima is fairly easy. It also makes changing a tire much easier and cheaper as the rear tire does not include any special mechanical parts since the motor is not located in the wheel. Mid-Drive motors also allow riders to customize their ebikes such as upgrading wheels to fit their riding needs!

Blix Prima High Step Blue

Advantages of Hydraulic Brakes

In addition to the mid-drive motor, the Blix Prima includes hydraulic brakes which is the most efficient braking system on an electric bike! Hydraulic bikes work by releasing a fluid that pushes the brake pads together with greater force. This reaction multiplies the force applied to the brakes compared to the pressure applied by the rider to the brake lever. The benefits of this increased pressure applied to the brakes include: faster stopping, more control, and less effort to safely brake while riding at fast speeds. Hydraulic brakes also create more grip and ability to hold the stopped motion of the bike. They are also a "sealed system" meaning they require very little maintenance and are protected from dirt, rust, and water. 

Compared to mechanical disc brakes, which use cable stretch technology, hydraulic brakes are more advanced, create a better feel while riding, and are at a reduced risk of requiring frequent repair.

Blix Prima low step cream

General Consensus

Overall, the Blix Prima, like other mid-drive electric bikes is well suited for a higher performance ride. By incorporating the motor in the crank, riders feel as though they are pedaling a normal bike while also having the extra benefit of pedal assist. Blix Rider Larry R. from Sutton's Bay, Michigan says the Blix Prima is "beautiful, well made. Our local bike shop thought the bike was a good product," and "It seems to be an easy ride. I was surprised by the ease of the ride with no power assist. And, of course, the power assist is great." 

When deciding between a mid-drive motor and rear-hub it is often the price point which interferes with a rider's choice rather than the benefits associated with a higher quality mid-drive motor ebike. Luckily, the Blix Prima is currently $650 off making it one of the most affordable mid-drive electric bikes on the market. Now price doesn't have to be a determining factor in a rider's choice of motor and ride.

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