4 Reasons Ebikes are Taking Over Seattle

February 28, 2017

4 Reasons Ebikes are Taking Over Seattle


With the city settled on the Puget Sound, surrounded by both islands and mountains: commuters can choose to live in a variety of places and work in the city. This means everyday workers are traveling from far and near by a number of transportation methods. However, as all of these people head to and from the city each day they all experience the same terrible (and sometimes expensive) commute. A growing number of people have found freedom in biking to work, specifically ebiking to work. After all, It makes perfect sense. For the people who are already familiar with biking, they are able to get to their destination quicker and dryer. For those who are not, it's much quicker, cheaper, and less stressful than their typical route.   

The Ferries 

While ferries and water taxies are useful for transporting people they tend to be more time consuming and expensive than is ideal, especially if a car is involved.  Riding an ebike allows you to avoid the high cost of using a car, but still preserving a limited number of removes both of those at once. No more ferry fees and more time for the family. 


With over 225K people commuting downtown every day, you can imagine the congestion that happens. Yet, commuting can be a stress-free breeze if you have an e-bike to whiz through traffic with. Not to mention, it is also one simple step you can take to reducing your carbon footprint. Just remember your fenders and get to work dryly and quickly! 

Bike Infrastructure 

With an already thriving bike culture in Seattle, introducing ebikes is a relatively smooth integration. Although the traffic and weather can be an intimidating factor to brave daily, there is a strong enough bike infrastructure in place to help riders feel secure, and it just keeps getting better. 

The Hills

The one thing that truly sets ebikes apart when bike commuting in Seattle is the hills. If you're riding around the city you know it takes a certain tenacity to truly take on all the hills. Yet, with a little boost, those hills are no longer a challenge which make bike commuting a more realistic endeavor for a much larger group of people. This is perhaps the biggest reason why ebikes are becoming so popular in Seattle. 

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