5 Must Have Apps for the e-Biker!

December 15, 2017

5 Must Have Apps for the e-Biker!

There is no doubt that we are living in the app age. From bill splitting applications to dog sitting ones, there is an app for everything nowadays! So we thought we would share the must have apps for our Blix riders to enhance their everyday rides.

With so many great choices out there its easy to miss out on some of the hidden gems most cyclists know about Strada and Garmin but there are a lot more options out there and many of them are free!


Number 1 - City Mapper

Cities can be intimidating at times, potentially even more so on a bike. City Mapper has 39 major cities mapped out for you whether you want to cycle through them, drive or if you are really brave attempt to use public transport!

If you cant find your city in the app don't worry, you can vote for your town to be the next city added to the application. If there is enough demand for it you too will soon be cruising through your town like a 20 year veteran cab driver in no time!

Citymapper is available for IOS and Android here.


Number 2 - ViewRanger

If you are more of a leisure rider than a city commuter ViewRanger is a game changer!

Plot your own trails to explore or choose a route from their "huge global collection of more than 150,000 route guides. From mountain ridges to family strolls, there's something for everyone."

The app's cool augmented reality feature uses your phone's camera to label more than 9 million points around the world – including peaks, lakes & towns.

ViewRanger is available for IOS and Android here.


Number 3 - My Virtual Mission

If your mission is to cycle to work a couple days a week, to cycle period or if you just want a little motivation to be active, My Virtual Mission helps you reach your goal by motivating you with an end goal. The app lets you plan what your mission is for example, to cycle from the west coast to the east east coast (2,092 miles!). Having a visual of how far you are progressing helps to keep you motivated and gives you a sense of purpose! 

Your mission can even be to raise money for a charity or your own cause such as a sports team, youth group, church group, club. Win Win!

My Virtual Mission is available for IOS and Android here.


Number 4 - Open Table

Riding your bike around all day tends to build up an appetite. Open table has more than 40,000 restaurants that are constantly reviewed by people with details of their experience and pictures. Pick what type of food your craving and your budget and book a table!

Open Table is available for both IOS and Android here.


Number 5 - Bike Repair

If you're relatively new to cycling there are a few best practices for maintaining your bike. Take a look at our Basic bike maintenance video.

However, if something happens to your bike, have no fear! With the bike repair app you can now be your own mechanic. The app gives you access to 58 repair tutorials and 95 tips and tricks to keep your bike in peak riding condition!

Available for both Android and IOS here.


Next time you're using any of these great apps on your e-bike take a selfie and don't forget to tag us!

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