How To Meet Electric Bike Buddies in Portland

March 15, 2017

How To Meet Electric Bike Buddies in Portland

Whether you're a cyclist who just moved to Portland, OR, or is getting into biking, it's nice having friends who ride. So we gathered together a list of the best ways to meet some new ebike buds while also having a good time. 

Go on a Group Ride 

All over Portland, there are weekly, biweekly, and monthly bike rides happening. Riding in a group is a fantastic way to meet new people, see new places, and ride safely.

Whether you're looking for a ladies only ride, an ebike ride, or a friendly race to sweat it out, there's a group for you. 

Keep an eye out around your neighborhood for local postings, or check out Bike Portland’s event Calander to find group rides.

*Pro Tip: bring along Bluetooth speakers or make your own bike mounted speaker system to make it a party!

 Go on to a Bike Event 

If you're looking to make genuine connections with the bike activist type, casual riders or dedicated cyclists head to the next bike event in your area. In a city as bike friendly as portland, you can find a bike event any time of the year. Here are our two favorites:

World Naked Bike Ride  - Summer

Sound exciting? You bet it is! Will everyone be naked? Absolutely! Should you go? 100%!

Worst Day of the Year Bike Ride - Winter

Years ago, there was a day in February that was perfect for a bike ride: -54 degrees and pouring rain. Some folks thought it would be the perfect day for a bike ride, thus the Worst Day of the Year ride was born. Since then it has turned into a full on costume ride and has only been canceled once due to dangerous weather. 

For more events, go to this comprehensive list of the annual bike rides in Portland. 

The Spots to Stop

Biking, Beer, and coffee pretty much go hand in. If you don’t drink one, you almost definitely drink the other. 

Perhaps cafes and breweries are a given, but for a reason! They go hand in hand with biking. If you're the type who likes to ease into the morning with a cup of joe at your local coffee shop check out Go for an old classics like Anna bananas or a local default like Coava.

Maybe your ideal way to end the work day is to head to the bar for 16 oz of your favorite brew. If this is you, ride on over to Cascade or Lucky Lab.

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