4 Tips to Develop Great, Lasting Habits in 2018!

December 21, 2017

4 Tips to Develop Great, Lasting Habits in 2018!

It is that time of year again, we are all looking back and reflecting on 2017. Did you accomplish the things you wanted to? Have you kept your new year's resolutions?

If you did, well then good for you! (why you gotta make us look bad?) Seriously though, keep up the good work. We are not all perfect though and if you, like most people, didn't keep yours, don't worry... This is the blog for you!

Blix ebike Habits

1) Small Steps! The number one reason people fail to stick to their goals is that they simply are aiming too high! Going from zero to hero is very difficult but if you take small consistent steps towards your end goal the sky is the limit! So keeping that in mind, the first step to conquering your new year's resolution is to implement a habit that is so easy you can't not do it! For example, if you want to ride your Blix Bike to work every day, make your habit to ride it at least two days a week. You will be riding to work every day before you know it!

Blix electric bike transport

2) Get help! Get a friend or relative to join you in your new endeavor. The more the merrier. Keeping yourself accountable each day gets hard. A buddy will help you stay on task! Plus its just more fun!

Blix ebike buddies

3) Be specific! It is easier to create a lasting habit when we fit it into our daily routine, a vague goal like "ride my ebike more often" is less likely to stick than "use my ebike to pick up groceries."

4) Use the three R's! Reminder, Routine, Reward. We are only human at the end of the day and inevitably we forget our ultimate goals! Whether you want to read more or to be swimsuit ready this summer, at some point you will forget those resolutions. That's why it is important to set reminders. You can use the alarm function on your mobile phone, for example, to ring at lunchtime and remind you of your goal so that you can order a salad instead of that delicious, juicy steak sandwich (wait why are we doing this again?) Now that you have the goal fresh in your mind you will order the healthy option, hopefully. Eating that salad for lunch is your new routine! Then the feeling you have after accomplishing today's goal is your reward! Boom you're on your way to an excellent new habit!

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