3 Reasons Why Driving in San Francisco is Best Avoided

May 19, 2017

3 Reasons Why Driving in San Francisco is Best Avoided

Top Challenges of Driving in SF:

Top three reasons Driving in San Francisco is not for the faint of heart

1. Finding Parking
Sometimes it's the little things that slip your mind, like finding parking before your first day of work, yoga class, drinks with a friend. Yet, it's almost certain that this one simple task can cause what feels like eons of agony. A slight exaggeration, it might be. On average it takes about 3.3 minutes to find parking in most major cities, but it can easily take up to 20 minutes if your searching at those crucial times.

2. Paying for Parking
Once you actually find parking in the city, your gonna pay a pretty penny for it. As it is now, parking meter prices are around $12 an hour. Never mind if your considering parking your car in a garage for a monthly fee- which quickly adds up to $4,000 a year.

3. The Brutal Commute Times
As employment and the residual residency in the bay area have grown exponentially in recent years due to tech start-ups, so has the time you spend in your car. Most highways are in constant traffic from 5:30 am to 7:50 pm on weekdays, and its beginning to affect weekend travel times as well. with commute times reaching near that of LA, it's nice to know that it's not just in your head. 

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