August 19, 2016

At this point in the week, we've seen quite a few things on the internet while working on the computer. The Weekly Round Up is a few links we thought we'd share, some informative, some helpful, and some just for fun! 

Nearly every paragraph in this article had me shocked. The measures the countries around the world are taking to address pollution by cars is impressive. Government parties are confronting terrible air quality in major cities by considering laws such as banning private cars from city centers, or having rationing days based on your license plate number. Quite impressive especially when compared to the countries who are taking little to no governmental initiative on climate change. 

This Philadelphia-based company creates business appropriate shirts that are also functional for bike commuters. Read: their sweat-wicking materials allows you to show up to work dry and ready to get to business. 

Bikey Face is an artist and biker who produces hilariously accurate comics about her encounters while biking in Boston. She's clever and always gives us a laugh about the all too real and ridiculous circumstances that (mostly) car drivers put us (bikers) in. 

 Bicycling Mag breaks it down for you about whether To Wave or Not to Wave . A helpful article about how to interpret and handle interactions with a motorist when passing through an intersection on a bike. 

Lastly, take a bike tour of Mexico City with Coldplay

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