May 24, 2016

Healthy habits, such as biking to work, sometimes live in your imagination rather than in your daily routine. Why is this so? Biking to work might have more pros than cons than you are aware, and they’re probably just what you need to hear to make the switch. For instance:

Imagine having 15 minutes of an endorphin release riding to work instead of sitting in the car increasing your stress levels. This might have something to do with the fact that people who bike to work are 15% more productive and find focusing much easier.

Not to mention, the leading cause of death in the United States show direct correlations to your exercise and level of physical health. Which, luckily, biking can help combat. Within the first year of bike commuting, the average rider will lose 13 pounds. Without any changes to their diet. Granted, it is also shown that when you start integrating healthy habits into your routine, you tend to make healthier choices in other areas of your life as well. No matter what your current health status is, or your health goals are, this could be one really easy way to increase your overall quality of life.

The government will pay you to bike to work. No Really. The Government offers benefits to companies who support Commuter Benefit Programs.  Typically this means riders will receive $20 a month for biking rather than driving a car. Plus it requires no complex record keeping (ie. specialized tax forms), rolls over year to year, or minimum company size. Meaning there are maximum benefits for minimal administration work.

Next time you are getting ready to go to work, consider these positive influences biking to work could have on you!

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