June 03, 2016

Throughout our work week we come across some really wonderful resources about the bike work that deserve to be shared. So, we have decided to begin sharing them every week. Here is our first round up: 

You can get paid to bike to work. Read here about the bicycle commuter benefit program: Bicycle Commuter Benefit. 

Ride the City is a bike app that helps you map out safe biking routes in 17 different cities in the US.

Truth be told, we've been geeking on this smart lock for sometime now. It's wirelessly controlled with built in theft detection and a crash alert system that calls 911 for you when you've been in an accident. Learn more and watch their adorable promo video here: Skylock 

Research is showing the increasing evidence supporting exercise as the key to successful aging. The link between muscle mass and the sate of our health is examined in this article from NY Times Well.


Enjoy your weekend!


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