April 13, 2016

This blog post comes to you by Blix Bikes customer Graciela...

I love my vika+, alias: el sapito (which translates to: the little toad). It is a fun way of commuting, it is as if I get to have a mini vacations in between jobs. 

I get all kinds of compliments because of it, rather I should say the bike does. 

My bicycle has turned into my car, I do my grocery shopping, go visit friends and in the weekends I go for long rides. 

To the hills, the coast, through the red woods, you name it. I can easily put it in the car and ride it anywhere, it has been great for the bay area.

El sapito has made me very happy.

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Darrell van Ness
Darrell van Ness

June 11, 2017

What brand / model is the rear basket on Graciela’s Vika?

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