The Ride Of A Lifetime

February 18, 2021

We all do crazy things for family....

Midnight airport pickups and free childcare come with the territory, but one of our riders went above and beyond. By taking a chance and getting creative, Will surprised his mother-in-law with the ride of a lifetime.

In the absence of matinee movies, Sunday brunches, and game nights, many families have jumped outside with activity in mind. “My mother-in-law is very adventurous but also is 82-years-old and battling dementia. After growing up in Puerto Rico and joining us in South Florida, she’d become very accustomed to the sun as was struggling in the confines of her nursing home. My wife and I ride our bikes all the time and I started to question, ‘why not bring her along?’”

Customizing anything, especially an ebike, takes thoughtful planning and consideration. Will considered several manufacturers and watched every review he could find before making his choice. “The cargo concept of the Blix Packa caught our eye and the VIP section sold us completely.” The accessory is designed for children that can easily climb over the barrier, but with a few quick tweaks, it became the perfect spot for a Mother-in-law. “The bike was really a gift to both her and my brother. He got the driver's seat and she was the VIP.” Once the bike arrived, the real work began. “I was very happy to see that the VIP Section is made up of 7/8th inch tubing. This allowed me to buy a simple pipe cutter from a hardware store along with some bimini top to fashion a swinging gate that latches with pins. With this adjustment, she had easy access and secured safety.”

“I knew the feeling of independence would be new to her, but I was shocked when I saw the tears in her eyes.”

Adapted, charged and ready to ride, the Packa surprise was ready for launch.

“We’d let my brother in on the plan and swore him to secrecy. Her safety was my top concern and only after we’d put the new VIP section to the test, did we share it with her.” Surprising a loved one is always fun and watching their reaction is often the best part. “She’d never ridden a bike or driven a car in her life. I knew the feeling of independence would be new to her, but I was shocked when I saw the tears in her eyes.” The extra support provided by gel coated cushions ensured she was comfortable as she tipped her face back to welcome the sun. “She looks like Cleopatra when the wind whips through her long black hair.”

This past year has blurred the normal and tightened the barriers on fun. In many cases, old life will never resume, but in this change comes room for the new. “I never expected to see my mother-in-law racing by at 20 mph. We’ve gone out every weekend since their bike arrived and each time her smile is just as bright. Each one of us will remember these rides for the rest of our lives.”