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Birthdays, Surprises & Quality Time: The Blackburn Addition

February 01, 2024

A sneaky birthday surprise starring our very own Packa recently unfolded in South Carolina. With the help of his kids, Seth Blackburn raised his wife’s expectations and gave our Packa a new home. 




Some surprises are so good they’re nearly impossible to pull off. “I can’t tell you how many times I checked on shipping and I was genuinely stressed that she’d already bought one without telling me.” It was a challenge, but with the help of his kids, Seth Blackburn was able to pull off the surprise of a century for his wife, Santana. Her day started with a birthday breakfast coupled with a gift exchange, but quickly after Santana was conveniently sent out to help Seth’s mother go “car shopping”. The birthday lunch that inevitably followed gave Seth a decent window to set up her real present. “Creating a rouse to get Santana out of the house was the easy part, I was more worried about assembling the bike on time.” Luckily, it was much easier than he thought. The scene was set with a shiny, white, Dual Battery Packa accompanied by a front basket and topped with a big red bow. Right on schedule, Santana opened the garage door to see what she’d been dropping hints about for months. “I really wanted one but seeing it in my garage was a total shock. I had no idea this was up his sleeve.” The air was humming with excitement as the Blackburn family celebrated their new addition. Shoes tied and helmets on, they took off for a joy ride that had all the heads in the neighborhood turning. “We are stopped nearly every block for questions and ride requests. It slows down our route to the mailbox, but now I talk to my neighbors rather than just smiling at them as I walk by.” 




Unable to resist their new ride, the Blackburns began rearranging their day to include Packa. Trips to the mailbox were now a group activity and the rolling hills became an adventure. “Wow! Can I have a ride? How fast does it go?” seemed to echo whenever the Blackburn family was en route to the pool. “My first ride on Packa was pure magic! It had been years since I’d ridden a bike so I was a bit nervous, but the ride was smooth like butter.” Within days, friends were at the door and family was parked in the driveway. Each came with a helmet and a reason why they should get to ride first. “Packa has definitely inspired me to spend more quality time with my loved ones. In times like this when social distancing is essential and typical pastimes are no longer on the table, we turn to Packa for an unencumbered source of joy.” 

Before Packa, updates were shared over the dinner table and quality time was spent in the living room. “Now that we have Packa, we take a new adventure everyday! We’ve even ventured outside of the neighborhood a bit which was super exciting!” With a direct line of fun parked in the garage, TV no longer had the same appeal. Whether it's a Sunday ride to the pool or a quick trip to the mailbox, the Blackburn’s spend time together on Packa everyday. “We live at the very back of our neighborhood so walking anywhere can take some time. I’d usually load the kids in the car to do a simple task like checking the mail, but now we just hop on the Packa and we’re there in a jiffy! The kids love it even more than I do.”




In just a few months, it will be Santana’s turn to orchestrate the perfect birthday for Seth. We can't wait to see what she comes up with, but for now we will just watch this story unfold.