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Kelly's Story

October 04, 2021

Enjoyed by forward thinkers and capable of unlocking unmatched speeds, Blix is designed for the (modern) thrill-seeking explorers. Kelly, a rider from Maryland was on the hunt for a better life and a fun ride until she sat down on Vika+ that fit just right.

In the stunning setting of Martha’s Vineyard, Kelly took in the grounds with her friends right beside her. “It was so much easier to carry a conversation at the same speed. With all the space and rolling hills, it felt like the conversation could go anywhere. Also, it made getting to the donut shop right on time a little easier.”

We cannot control the pace of life. Every day, every hour and everything moves differently. If you’re lucky enough to find friends who want to go at the same pace, make the most of the landscape around you. Life is what you make it and if you want it to be a good ride, start with one that can fold and has no line. Adventure is waiting.