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Reasons to Own a Fat Tire Ebike

August 12, 2022

Fat tire bikes have become super popular over the last few years, and the truth is that these big tires serve many purposes in providing a truly unique, supportive ride. Here are six reasons why you should consider owning a fat tire bike.

1. They’re equipped with fat tires for ALL terrains

Do you find yourself feeling gloomy as you pack up your ebike for the winter? Well, with a fat tire bike, you don’t have to. Designed for improved handling and traction on even the most troublesome terrain, fat tire bikes are ready for snow, mud, and everything in between.

Thanks to unparalleled traction, you won’t sink in sleet or struggle in the sand, so that you can hop on your ebike any time, regardless of the terrain and weather.

woman riding through sand

2. They’re perfect for beginners

Fat tire bikes provide improved ride traction and balance thanks to higher volume and low psi tires. For beginner riders, this takes the stress off of tight turns or rain-soaked trails.

As a bonus, the lower pressure tires are squishier, which absorbs shocks and makes for a more comfortable ride (even for larger riders). Equipped with more durable inner walls, the low tire pressure makes them nearly indestructible, too—meaning less chance of a flat.

3. They’re rugged and ready for adventure

Because their fat tires afford them a wider footprint, the surface area of contact with the ground is larger. This provides unparalleled grip with rougher terrain, like rocky hillsides and slippery sand.

Because the tires are low-pressure, they can sink up the impact of loose terrain or urban potholes, ensuring a smooth ride anywhere your adventurous spirit takes you.

man on ultra bike

4. But this doesn’t mean they can’t help with the daily commute

Quite literally all-terrain bikes, fat tire bikes are often considered mountain bikes. But in reality, they’re so much more. They can easily handle smooth surfaces, like pavement. So, if you’re looking for an ebike to support the daily grind, a fat tire bike is up for the task.

Because the Blix Ultra enables switching between class 2 and 3 top speeds, you can enjoy speeds up to 28 mph. Get to where you need to go, faster.

5. Some are ready for cargo

Smart mounting points on the Ultra allow you to seamlessly add accessories like the Ultra Rear Rack, which can accommodate human or material cargo.

Motorcycle-style Passenger Foot Pegs, a Rear Rack Cushion, and Ultra Wheel Guards make it easy and safe for passengers up to 150 pounds to join you on your next adventure.

6. They provide a safe, comfortable ride

Think back to your six-year-old self-learning to ride a bike with training wheels. Replace those frilly handlebars with a digital display with pedal assist and a trip meter. You’ve got yourself a fat tire bike like the Ultra.

The wide tires ensure a safer, more comfortable ride. They’ll turn everyone into a confident rider and provide cushioning and stability when and where they’re needed.

Massive Reasons to Try a Fat Tire Bikes

Fat tire bikes are quick to turn heads, and now you know why. If you’ve been craving a new form of adventure or are looking to get back into cycling after a long hiatus, a versatile fat tire bike could be for you. And Blix is here to help make that happen.

man on bike