Celebrating Women's History Month

March 30, 2021

It's no coincidence that Women's History Month falls in March.

On the paved and privileged steps of Pennsylvania Avenue in March of 1913, it’sestimated that upwards of five thousand Suffragists and supporters marched for the right to vote. In the years since this historical day, women have stood tall, broken ceilings and redefined the tone of the world and workplace. So much progress has been made, yet there are thousands of miles to cover in order to reach true gender equality. This month is a lesson, a glimpse into the past and a promise for the future. In honor of this national reminder, we’re shining a spotlight on the brave and astounding women in our community.

Meet Ally

Ally is a New Yorker through and through. The non-stop energy, bridges and backdrops fuel her freelance photography business, but as we all know, the subway is packed and ubers and lyfts aren’t cheap. “I was looking for a new convenience, a quick and easy way to explore the city that never sleeps.” Her first experience with anelectric bike was city bikes. She’d always been a rider and was confident that the support of the motor would allow her to cover more ground without exhausting herself. “I rode 40 miles in one weekend going back and forth between shoots and friends. It was awesome and so much better than being confined in a cab. The bike was pretty heavy, but I figured I’d get an extra workout. Then I ended up at the emergency room.” Turns out, city bikes are built for quick errands and day trips, not jam packed weekends that cross burrows. While her legs felt like cement, a good dose of r&r was all Ally really needed. “If anything, the experience made me believe in ebikes more. The freedom and convenience offered by two wheels can’t be beat. You can exude half the energy and cover twice the ground in no time at all. I just needed a model that could keep up. My friend suggested the Blix Aveny and I joined the team immediately.” Now Ally rides everywhere. “New York is a commuter city and the traffic is always insane. With Aveny, I zip through the streets and enjoy every minute of it. I used to have to take a 25 minute cab to see my friends in Williamsburg because there is no subway in between. This bike has turned weekday wine nights and Sunday brunches into a quick yes. It’s changed my life completely. Now I can pop right over and join the party in a matter of minutes with no cab fee.”

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

“For me, it’s a reminder to look back and appreciate my path. Since the beginning, I’ve found inspiration, support and understanding among my fellow female creators. Without them, and the strength of our community, I don’t know where I’d be today. I take as much pride in sharing their work as they do mine and together, I think we’ve elevated the entire photography business. As we move forward, I hope this month remains a symbol of female empowerment. Women, one and all, see things differently. We have the power to cut the noise, change laws, spark movements and it’s our job to do so. The future is in our hands and I hope we continue to spread positive change together.”

Meet Santana

Finding peace and quiet as a mother of two is no simple task. With Santana’s birthday coming up and the sun coming out, her husband Seth decided it was time for a change. To pull off a Packa sized surprise, he needed reinforcements. His mother was brought in for distraction and the kids were on lookout as he was completely occupied by putting the bike together. A big bow and lots of hugs later, mission accomplished. “Since receiving my Packa, every day I find a slice of paradise.” In addition to some much needed solo rids, Santana and the family have spent hours exploring the backroads of their hometown. “Soaking up the sun and feeling the breeze all around me is just what I need to relax my mind and spur creativity.” As the miles racked up, so did their neighbors interest. “I have a group of women that I ride with and each week I feel like I learn more about them. Even if we are just sharing the silence on an open road, we’re connecting in a way that’s hard to find.”

Every month should be Women's History Month

“In my eyes, Women’s History month is designed to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for all females. A reminder to fight for change, break barriers, celebrate strides and plan for a better tomorrow. It is also an invitation to look back and remember everything we’ve achieved so far. In March, we recognize all of the women who have played a vital role in our unbalanced world. The ones who have taught us to stand up, persevere, and demand the rights we deserve. To honor their footsteps, we need to stand together and challenge unjust standards. The work is far from done and moving forward, I hope to see equality for all women, everywhere.”

Meet Mary

As a lifelong bike rider, Mary has always appreciated the quiet of an empty street. “One of my funny life stories is that I was raised in a neighborhood that had houses on one side, and a graveyard on the other. My siblings and I learned to ride bikes on the silent roads of the cemetery.” When Mary grew up and started her own family, biking became a way to spend time with the kids. “Charlie and I, married 42 years this March, rode around our neighborhood and used child seats to include the boys. But as I got older and my kids got bigger, it became challenging to keep my miles up.” Until her neighbor came home with a Blix. “I immediately realized this might be a solution to my increasingly arthritic joints. I did some research, watched some reviews and when I saw the Aveny, I remember thinking, ‘that’s the one!’ We ordered one for our condo in Florida because my husband could walk about any distance, but I could not. Immediately my neighbor said, He’ll never keep up with you. So we ordered two! That was August, 2017, I think, and by Christmas, we were hooked. We ordered two more for our Louisville home as our Christmas presents.” Like many others, the decision was life changing. “Since I have other joints failing, my Blix is my primary exercise. And I am convinced that the difference between me as a sad and sedentary person, and me as an active explorer is my Blix Aveny. It is not an exaggeration to say that my ebike got me through the pandemic. I have almost 2,600 miles on my Louisville bike and about 1,000 on the vacation bike. I am beyond grateful!”

"When I think of Women’s History Month, my mind doesn’t necessarily go to women that society would regard as greatly accomplished."

"While I value and honor their achievements, I also think of the women who had incredible potential, but never had the opportunity to own a business, run for political office, or follow a dream. Instead they made their family happy and secure, or made their own little corner of the world a better place. My mom was a woman like that, and I value her passing on to me the idea that I could do anything I wanted. So many of the women on our Blix Owners Group, and certainly many men, have incredibly inspirational stories. Those of us who take up eBiking when arthritis attacks our knees and hips, after joint replacements, or when those extra pounds have sneaked up on us, have taken a big leap of faith. My husband and I have two granddaughters, both 4-years-old. I hope our girls never think they have to limit themselves to being teachers or nurses. I hope they follow their dreams and pursue all of the challenges and opportunities life has to offer. I want them to live in a world where a woman President is no big deal and of course, I hope they ride fearlessly like their grandma!"

Last year, we celebrated the 19th amendment's 100th anniversary. A milestone for our entire country and an accomplishment credited to the Women's Suffrage movement. In reality, this was just the beginning as many women of color were excluded from this bill. The right to vote was not extended to the entire female gender until1984. The march towards equality is still ongoing and the month of March is a symbol of that fight. A point in time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’d like to be. As we move out of this pandemic and into the future, we hope each rider on the Blix team works to support our entire community. We’re stronger together and it’s our vision that determines the future. Let’s ride together towards an equal tomorrow.