Reduce, Reuse, Replace the Car with the Blix Packa!

April 22, 2019

In honor of everyday being Earth Day and the importance of sustainable living, here at Blix Bikes we want to help spread the word about alternative transportation. You can go many places and take many things with a Blix electric bike. 

One mom tested the Packa for the day with two kids tagging along on daily chores, lunch runs, and beach days. Learn how adding an electric bike to your lifestyle can both bring back the fun and reduce your carbon footprint.


A Day with the Packa Review:

After a Packa filled day riding to lunch, the beach, the grocery store, and coffee, Kimberly was impressed with how easily she could do everything she would have done in her car on the Packa. She says, "it was so much fun!" Kimberly was also pleased with how she was able to conquer hills with ease. On her ride, it was "super hilly from [their] house over to Gayle's and the beach," but, "it was so magical having the Blix." With the pedal assist, Kimberly "didn't get tired going up the hills even with two kids behind [her]." By spending a day on the electric bike and instead of in the car, Kimberly reduced her carbon footprint while also adding some fun to both her daughters' and her own day!

Thank you to Kimberly and her daughters for replacing their car with the Packa for a day! 


Take your e-bike for your next car trip!

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, on average, Americans drive 29 miles per day with 45% of these trips being for groceries and other errands and 15% related to commuting. Additionally, due to traffic and overcrowding, it will take an average of 55 minutes to reach their destinations. The CO2 emissions and amount of gas required for these trips add up and negatively effect our environment! By replacing a car with an electric bike, you will spend less time behind the wheel, reduce your CO2 emissions, and save on gas money!

In the past, one of the main concerns with replacing your car with an electric bike was the inability to carry everything needed. With the Blix Packa, not only will you shorten the time spent in the car running daily errands, you will be able to reach your destinations packed with cargo (including kids). The Packa has a payload of 400lbs meaning you can carry groceries, packages, sport equipment, or pack for a beach day. Its dual-battery capacity gives you a range up to 70 miles per charge and with 5 levels of pedal assist and a throttle you can reach up to 20mph. Plus, you can personalize your Packa by mixing and matching Blix accessories to fit your cargo needs. 

Happy Earth Day from the Blix team!


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