The Blix Packa is Parent Approved!

April 11, 2019

This past Sunday, we teamed up with Mid-Peninsula Mom Blog to hold a Blix Packa test ride event; perfect for families. After an afternoon filled with bike riding, yummy snacks, and great company, the Packa is officially parent approved! Learn what parents love about the Blix Packa, watch the video recap, and find out how you can save on Blix bikes through the Mid-Peninsula Mom Blog organization.


The event was held at Nealon Park in Menlo Park, California, in a very bike friendly neighborhood. Since the Packa has recently launched, this event gave parents an opportunity to ask Blix personnel questions, see the new cargo bike firsthand, and test ride with their children on the back. 

Packa is Parent Approved:

While the video shows just a few rider testimonies, the final verdict from the Mid-Peninsula Mom Blog and riders is: the Packa is definitely parent approved! One of the most discussed features of the Packa was the pedal assist and throttle options. Many of the riders were impressed with the "smooth ride" and said "it felt easy even with the weight in the back," especially when carrying more than one child. Most importantly, as the riders finished their test ride, their first words were "that was fun!"

Additionally, riders were impressed with how the Packa "feels sturdy" and "feels safe to ride." Safety is vital when carrying children on the back and having the ability to easily maneuver the Packa was one of Blix's goals when choosing an ultra-low, step-through frame. 

Watch as parents and children share what they like the most about their experience on the Blix Packa!

By test riding the Packa, parents were able to see how adding an electric cargo bike to their lifestyle could benefit their daily routine and bring back the fun! As one parent said, "I can definitely see myself using this bike [the Packa] to get groceries." Similarly, another parent stated, "my kids hate the car so being able to take them places on the weekend would be great."

We would like to thank the Mid-Peninsula Mom Blog for helping us with this event!
If you would like more information on our collaboration as well as how you can save on the Packa or other Blix Bikes, learn more here!


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