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Tips For Riding With Dogs

March 09, 2023


As spring and summer apprach, it's time to start thinking about ways to ride with your furry friends. Here are some recommendations, along with tips from fellow Blix owners.

If your pup is a new addition to your daily bike ride or commute, choosing a smart time to ride is important. “We like riding early in the morning with less traffic,” says Blix rider Andrea N.

While Blix has a front and large basket, bigger dogs can still come along with a proper holder or basket. “With a larger crate, it’s excellent having my pup in front where we can see each other, at a low center of gravity due to the Vika+'s small wheels, and using the Blix front racks (front rack and large flat rack) that attach to the frame rather than the handlebars, so the rack stays stationary rather than slinging her weight around when the handlebars turn,” says Blix rider Sara F.

We also recommend looking into a seatbelt for your dog to ensure they are safely secured and ready to ride. “There are dog seatbelt straps that you can buy to attach to the basket and your furry sidekick,” says Blix rider Raylene D. Check out this option on Amazon.

Based on your dog's behavior and size, you may want to consider towing your pup in a trailer behind your Blix. “Burley and Schwinn make solid trailers,” says Blix rider Elton P.

If your dog is active, or you want to replace their morning walk with a run, consider having them run beside you. “My pup does great just trotting alongside me whether I'm just using the throttle or peddle assist,” says Blix rider Lynn S.

Do you have other tips for riding with a pup? Be sure to share them by joining our Facebook Owners Group or tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. Happy riding!