The Secret To A Perfect Ride

February 26, 2021

Adjusting your day to include more activity isn’t always easy. Add ease and comfort to your routine with these Blix accessories.


Crossbody, clip on and top rack bags can complement each model. There is no need to throw it in the back seat when a snack and water bottle can rest conveniently beside you.


There is room for your wallet, phone, keys and tablet in the everyday bag. Pick and choose from one of the three inside pockets and shift easily into cross-body with the adjustable straps. If you’re a regular on the road, this thoughtfully designed multi-purpose utility bag may be the one.

Smart Pannier

Double your cargo with the smart pannier. Built with the everyday commuters and active adventure in mind, this bag features hanging attachments and deep pockets. Inside plastic walls keep it stable and velcro straps make it easy to unattach and take it with you.


For the on-the-go, errands packed afternoons, the tote bag’s wide gusset and easy expansion offers much needed storage. Strong pannier clips and a water resistant canvas make this bag an easy choice.

Top Rack

Keep your essentials close and organized in this expandable, water-resistant bag. With multiple secure zipper pouches and an expanding main compartment, the top-rack bag is ready for wherever the day takes you.


Grab a blanket or strap some tunes in a front or large basket. Both are designed to pack more into your life and ride.

Front Basket

Enjoy easy access to must-haves without sacrificing speed or design. Pick from black, cream or green and stay hydrated with the matching cup holder. The native head tube mount ensures stability even as you turn.

Large Basket

Front, back, long ways or sideways, the large basket can be mounted in various places to increase your cargo capabilities. Two can even be fit side by side on the rear rack of the Packa. With a weight limit of 50 lbs, the possibilities are endless.


Make room for more spontaneity and storage with Blix racks. There is nothing too random to bring along.

Front Rack

Native to all Blix models, the front rack is an easy mount and utility upgrade. Feel free to add the large basket or platform right on top to further increase your storage space.


Wide open spaces can benefit every Blix model. Make room for the cooler, beach chairs, and pizzas to enhance an already great day in the sun.

Sol Rear Rack

Less isn’t always more. With the new Sol rack, you’re empowered to expand the potential of your tour. Push the barriers on fun and storage in charcoal or blue.

This life is yours to customize. Support your sense of adventure with anideal ride.