How To Put Your Wellness First

June 11, 2021


The term “wellness” means something different to everyone. The steps you take towards achieving it may evolve with age, but the goal is always the same. Peace, calm, quiet and a break from the carousel of chaos that has become our world. It can be hard to stop, close the inbox and take time for yourself, only on June 12th, we’re inviting you to do just that. To highlight the value of personal growth and wellbeing, Turkey declared June 12th Global Wellness Day in 2012. Now, nearly ten years later, countries across the globe have joined the cause. Whether you take the day or make it a weekend, here are a few ways to support your overall health, and sense of adventure with Blix.


 Follow The Rising Sun With Sol 

The drops of dew, empty streets and subtle colors of daybreak are always fleeting. Before the silence is filled cars and coffee runs, breathe in the day from Sol’s cushy seat. While the quiet of dawn is widely known, it’s uncommonly enjoyed so spread out as you revel in the promise of this holiday. Maybe you’ll see a friend doing the same or maybe you’ll get a moment all to yourself. Wherever you go and whatever you feel along the way, remember this day is about your physical and mental wellness. It’s not another note on your calendar, rather it’s an opportunity to put yourself first. Get a head start by riding with the sun and let the colors of sunrise paint your plan.


Slow Down With A Packa Picnic  


We cannot change the pace of time, but we can change the way we spend it. Slow down this Saturday with the ones you love by making use of the Packa’s extra space. Regardless of where you call home, with a picnic blanket, some snacks, drinks and sunshine, you’re in for a treat. Too often we rush through life, racing to a better job or bigger house. Instead of focusing on what’s ahead, celebrate the now. “One day can change your whole life,” is the slogan of this holiday but maybe all you really need is a moment to feel the sun against your skin and the wind in your hair. You have all day so close your eyes and turn off the clock.


Adventure With Aveny

As kids, we were hungry for new skills, friends and fun. But slowly over the years as responsibilities sunk in, we adapted to an assembly line. Work, dinner, TV, sleep repeat is the procedure for many Americans and while it is functional, it leaves little room for adventure. This Saturday, throw out the plan. Break free of routine and carve out an entire day for exploration. 45 miles of range can take you pretty far, but it’s the twists and unexpected turns that lead to what life is really about: fun. Why should you slave away at the office each day if there’s no reward at the end? Another screen will not send a rush of endorphins through your veins. After a year of such pain, take Global Wellness Day as the challenge it is. Be open to a new route, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and remember what it’s like to truly be alive and well.


Chase Views With Vika+

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? A sense of urgency has its time and place in our world, but in honor of Global Wellness Day, we suggest a slower pace. For these next 24 hours and hopefully beyond, lay off the throttle and listen to the world. There is beauty humming all around us and we only have to pause to soak it in. Pick a spot, take a breath and soak up the magic of Global Wellness Day with Vika+. It’s not about the miles, rather the feelings that come with them that matter most.

Global Wellness Day is yours to enjoy. And while it only falls once a year, there is no reason you can’t embody the holiday’s intention every day. We only get one life, one chance at what each day has to offer. Make the most of every second by supporting your personal wellness every step of the way.