Join The Mother's Day Celebration

May 09, 2021

The best cheerleaders on the block, the reason our world goes round and a huge part of the Blix community, today we’re celebrating all the Mother’s on the Blix team. Whether you’ve planned an all day adventure, a ride up the coast or a long brunch at your favorite restaurant, enhance her day with a little pedal assist and a lot of sunshine.

A happy older man and his mother on a white Packa

Will planned ahead for this special day. With using little more than his wits and some pipe cutters, he transformed the VIP section into a cushy, easy access throne for his Mother-in law. And since changing her life with a shiny new ride, the family hasn’t missed a weekend. One can only imagine what he has up his sleeve for this Sunday.

It doesn’t take much to show love and gratitude. Stop for some flowers, clear your calendar, and have some fun with the ones you love. There is no substitute for fresh air and family time.