February 12, 2021

5 Features Hiding In Your Blix

Fresh air, easy parking and assisted calorie burn, the advantages of two wheels that go without saying. Riding a bike is a skill few forget, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. Get up to speed on every feature running through your frame.

USB Port

Plug and play with more than just your PAS and throttle. The USB port integrated into your LCD screen is designed to allow for more on-the-go. Strap in music or charge your go-to devices. Meant to provide peace of mind, this feature accommodates the modern world without sacrificing the beauty of the outdoors.


Don’t be afraid to go back to basics and switch up your approach to an everyday routine by riding without assist. PAS levels 1-5 offer varying ranges of support but when turned to level 0, you’re completely independent. Study your stamina and adjust your routes and goals accordingly. Each model is equipped with flexible features meant to match your evolving needs.

Walk Mode

Adapt to your surroundings by leveraging walk mode. End of day driveway climbs, animal sightings and bridges that come with a steep dive are easier with this feature employed. With the display on, press and hold the Down button to engage the motor at an average walking speed of 3-4 mph.

Extendable Kickstand

A classic component with a modern twist, the extendable kickstand is a feature few notice. For windy days and heavy loads, stabilize your Blix with more balance. Adjust the height by loosening the nut placed on the lower back section of the kickstand.

Folding Pedals

In three quick releases, the Vika+ frame is completely compressed and can fit under a desk or in a back seat (in or out of thecarrying bag.) Advance this compact state by folding the pedals in as well. Once you know to look, it’s easy to see where a little direct pressure will fold the pedal in half.

Make the most of every day by leveraging the full range of features running through your Blix. Some are simple and others are essential, but combined they offer the full experience. Get friendly with your new ride and capitalize on the power humming at your fingertips.